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Being pregnant is such an amazing time in a woman’s life and more and more mommies-to-be want professional images of their beautiful baby bump.​ As with any scheduled photography session, there are things to think about ahead of time. Here are just a few tips to remember when choosing a photographer, booking your maternity shoot and considering clothing.  We hope it helps!

Tip #1 - Plan Ahead

Plan ahead! Some photographers might be booking anywhere from 2 to 6 months out. However, always email us at to check our availability. 

Tip #2 - Third Trimester

Third Trimester!  For most pregnancies, we recommend around 33 weeks for maternity photography.  This way you have time to reschedule in the case of unforeseen circumstances (weather, sickness, etc.) and it is typically a perfect time frame for your baby bump.

Tip #3 - Clothing

Clothing -Feel Great! It’s simple really… the better you feel about how you look, the better your images will be. Choosing clothing for your maternity session is similar to choosing fashion for other types of photography in the sense that you’ll want to think through every element of your outfit including color, texture, accessories, etc. In addition, think about how much skin you plan to show. If you have a problem area that you don’t want to be highlighted, plan to have it covered even if just slightly. For example: if you don’t like your arms, wear sleeves or bring along a shawl/cardigan. Layers look great in pictures! You might want to bring a second outfit in order to have a covered option as well as a bare belly option. Just be aware of anything that would leave marks on your belly; if you cannot eliminate that item, wear it last. Once you’ve got an outfit or two planned, ask yourself these questions: Can I sit on the ground in this? (Bring at least one choice that answers yes to that.) How do I look from the side in this? Do I feel good wearing this? Some clients have hair and makeup done professionally. It gives a nice added boost of confidence and looks great too (just be sure to keep your look similar to your everyday style.)

Tip #4 - Personalize

Personalize it!  You might like to bring a few items as props – of course, Pinterest offers tons of ideas. We suggest keeping them personal and bringing only your favorites, allowing time for natural shots as well.


Tip #5 - Prep Time

​Prep Time!  Remember to reserve plenty of time for getting ready. Enjoy the process without feeling rushed or stressed. If you’re driving to the session with your loved one, talk about happy baby thoughts on the way there. This is a special time for reflection; if you’re in that mood it will come through naturally in your images

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